Who We Are…

Roland Roberts and Colin Morris are the dynamic and energetic force behind The Cardinal Partnership and we boast more than a quarter of a century of combined experience in legal practice.

Such combined expertise means there is rarely a legal situation, problem or crisis that we haven’t already dealt with on countless dozens of occasions before. It’s what we do. It’s what we do very, very well and what we’ve constructed our rock- solid reputation for getting results on these many years.

Roland Roberts.

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Roland began his legal career in large regional law firms where he developed a specialism in dispute resolution. He moved into a ‘proper business’ when he became a director of a credit management outsourcing company based in London. In 2008 he established a debt purchasing operation alongside a dispute resolution company.

It was at this time that the seed of an idea came to Roland that resulted in the creation of the Cardinal Partnership as a response to a series of frustrating relationships as the client of legal service providers. He realised that there had to be a better way of structuring and running a legal services company and a more efficient and cost effective way of delivering high quality legal services than just through the traditional model of Solicitors practices.

“I end disputes.

It’s my specialty and something I learned to do at the highest levels while working for regional law firms.

Having watched countless utterly brutal and exhausting battles being fought over the years, I realised there was much to be achieved in taking away the endless frustrations of battles that can never be fully won or lost

You may well be in such a battle and can therefore genuinely appreciate the kind of frustration I came to loathe.

So you’ll fully understand how this frustration led to my establishing The Cardinal Partnership as the type of streamlined legal practice that immediately gets to the heart of your dispute or situation and instantly begins a quest for the best possible resolution.

The upshot is that I am a partner in an organisation of which I am extremely proud and I have a long list of delighted, energised and utterly relieved clients.

You are, of course, very welcome to join that list.”

Colin Morris.


Colin has been a Credit Manager for most of his professional life. He worked his way up from credit control clerk to National Credit Manager at Newey and Eyre in Birmingham running a team of 50 credit controllers. Colin has worked with Roland for more than 7 years and he concentrates on commercial account collection. Colin recognises that good quality early stage credit control not only trains clients and customers to pay on time but makes them look to stretch payment terms to other, less organised, companies! It also saves a fortune in debt collection and litigation fees and keeps client relations on a professional basis. It’s a win / win for everyone!

“I make sure people pay what they owe, and do it quickly.

In 30 years of collecting money, I’ve head just about every excuse in the book. Whilst a certain level of compassion is always a good thing, the vast majority of debtors just need to understand that if they don’t have enough to go around everyone, then I am not one that should be left on the sidelines. Persistence is the key, together with courtesy but a firm approach.

I joined Cardinal to make a difference, to bring the professional and successful disciplines of credit control from big businesses to the owner managed business market.”