Sam Taylor Creative Director, Tinker Taylor Films

Jason Kerrigan Copywriter
Roland and Simon’s approach gives me access to great advice at costs that make me take it more often. That has saved me making some mistakes that would have cost me a lot of money. I highly recommend them.
"The thing that actually shocked me about Cardinal was that, at the very beginning, they gave me a bunch of really crucial legal advice for absolutely nothing. For free ! And that stellar advice helped dig me out of a very, very deep hole indeed. "Roland Roberts is a very switched-on guy and genuinely made me feel like I had the mightiest of bare-knuckle conversationalist in my corner. Of course, I hired him immediately and have since encouraged umpteen business associates to do the same."
Cardinal’s straight talking honest advice has been invaluable to me, has given me the confidence to really move my company forward knowing I had them behind me to give advice and sometimes even encouragement. It’s a great partnership
I have been using London firms for so long I had become used to the very high hourly billing rates and the inflexible working patterns. Going to Cardinal for just one small job initially, made me realise that good quality advice could be found outside of the traditional Law firms by Paralegals at costs that didn’t make legal advice a place of last resort.
I love the fact that because they are Paralegals they were not constrained by some of the more inflexible practices of the legal profession. I was able to agree charges on a fixed or capped basis that took into account that my business was not a bottomless pit of money